10 free methods to get organic visitors in your ecommerce store- Free traffic hacks

Benefits: In this article, you will learn how to sell e-commerce products on free methods. Here, I discuss Top 10 free methods to get a high conversion rate for e-commerce products-Shopify/Woo-commerce/Bigcommerce/Drop-shipping.

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#1-Youtube YouTube is the best and most effective platform to sell your products.  More than 1.5 Billion active users on YouTube. Remember, people like watching rather than reading. One time watching equals ten times reading.

A statistic shows that online buyers are 64%more likely to purchase a product only after watching (MultiVisonDigital-a video production company). Where there is gathering, there is the potentiality to do marketing.  YouTube Video marketing is the most efficient and proven free method to sell e-commerce products. If a store owner does video marketing properly, he won’t need to run a campaign in other places.

If you have enough time, energy, patience, and consistency, you are in the right place. You have to think in a realistic way; you won’t get success overnight here. If you are serious about business (not daydreamer) and want to earn thousands of $ in a free method, only this strategy will be effective for you. So, are you ready? Ok, let me explain how:

Step-1:  You have to open a Gmail account (you will give access to Google Plus automatically). Create a Google Plus personal profile. Open a business page with your real business location (this will also help you in SEO purpose-local citation). You are ready for YouTube Channel. Now you become a proud owner of a Youtube Channel.

Step-2:  Set up your YouTube Channel Icon. Your Google Plus Profile photo will be set automatically as a channel Icon. You can change it (98px × 98 px). After that, you need to set up a catchy Channel Art(2048×1152 pixel or 2560×1440 pixel) to beautify it as well as branding.

Step-3: Now write a detailed description of your channel. The description must include your business keywords/title. This is most important for SEO purposes.

Step-4: This is the main part of the game. Yes, worthy content (video). You have to make a super-duper review video of your e-commerce products for your channel. As you are a newbie in this sector, you can make awesome slide videos. Take images of your product, use a video making software, and upload it to your channel. You must use a catchy and attentive title for your video. Use your product keywords as tags in the Tags field. You can make a descriptive video with your own audio or download audio from YouTube Audio Library and use it in your video. You must put your product link in the Video Description field. You can provide coupon/promo code/discount code for your products here. Now, share your video on Facebook, Twitter, and other places. Do it in a professional way on a regular basis. Increase subscribers and viewers. I guarantee you will get a huge sale.


#2-Twitter Twitter is the 2nd largest social media worldwide. It is the most popular communication media after Facebook. I don’t know why store owners don’t use this free and most effective proven method to sell their products. In twitter, you can reach directly to the customers.  This is one of the easiest platforms to increase the visibility of your e-commerce products.

How to do marketing on Twitter: first open an account on Twitter with your business details.  Increase your followers from relevant pages or accounts. But don’t do any spam. You may block. It needs time to increase your followers. How to increase followers from relevant interests. In the twitter search bar write “ your keyword” and press enter. Now you can see many posts/pages of your desired group. Now click on their page, and then click on their follower, now you can find your targeted followers. Start following them. In return, they will also follow you. But do this as a natural process otherwise you will be banned. Now post regularly on your account.  Don’t forget to use # tag in your post. You can use scheduled auto posters on Twitter. Work only 20 minutes and get published 24 hours.  The best twitter auto poster is Twuffer. It has both a free and paid version


#3-Pinterest Pinterest is one of the most dominating and powerful social media. There are 175 million monthly active users on Pinterest.   One can easily sell its e-commerce products on this platform. Pinterest has a strong value in SEO. It helps to rank a site/keywords as it is the largest visited popular media.

How to do free marketing on Pinterest for e-commerce products: Open an account on Pinterest first. Then input details in the profile. Set a profile image.  Now the main part.  Pinterest has an onboard option to upload your product’s images. You have to click on the + icon, then upload the product’s image manually or just put your product URL. (Upload a Pin/save from the website).  After uploading your product’s image, save it. Now, you have to increase your followers. Follow others and they will follow back you. Write your keyword in the search field. Click on your most relevant board. Then click on their followers and start following them. Don’t do any spam, you will be blocked. Do as it seems natural.


#4-Facebook page/group Facebook is the #1 largest and biggest social community. It is hard to find a person with an internet connection who doesn’t know Facebook.  More than 2.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Facebook has become a search engine now. It launches the “shop” option to do e-commerce business directly.

How to sell e-commerce products freeway On Facebook: Open a page with your business details on Facebook. Set a cover image. Write a catchy description and page name. Invite all of your friends to like your page. Increase your normal activities on this page.  Don’t always post your business post-it is irritating. Try to post which can draw attention. Open a Facebook group to sell your e-commerce products. Yeah, you are listening right. You can sell your products in the Facebook group. You can find hundreds of active or closed groups relevant to your business. Join these groups and start to build a relationship with the group members. Discuss it with them. Don’t spam there. Read others’ comments and posts. You will find your targeted customers there. You will also find a huge amount of groups that allow posting direct links and product info. Join such groups and try to sell your products..


#5-Forums Forums are great sources to sell e-commerce products. A forum has a strong value in SEO. Millions of people are spending time in Forums. So, this is one of the best media to get tons of people and offer your products to them

How to do marketing for e-commerce products freely on Forums:  in order to get sales from forums, you need to do registration in your business relevant forums, otherwise, your work will not be fruitful. Do registration of some of your niche related forums and set profiles, provide as much as information relevant to your business, and provide website URL/Product URL in the website field.

How to find a relevant Forum?

  • KEYWORDS “powered by phpbb” inurl:/forum
  • KEYWORDS “powered by vbulletin” inurl:/forum
  • KEYWORDS “powered by phpbb” inurl:/community
  • KEYWORDS “powered by vbulletin” inurl:/community


#6-Blogging Blogging is one of the best free methods to sell e-commerce products. Blogging brings huge most potential targeted traffic to your business site that turns into buyers.  Indeed, the business owner who can apply blogging tricks properly will get a high conversion rate. In e-commerce business, niche blogging is more effective and fruitful. You can write a post on others’ blogs also (Guest post). You can get your targeted traffic by commenting on others’ blogs also. Never, do spam.  But ensure commenting on your business relevant blogs.

Here I include some tips to get relevant Blogs.

  • KEYWORDS “powered by WordPress”
  • KEYWORDS “leave a comment”
  • KEYWORDS “reply to post”
  • KEYWORDS “leave comment”

RELEVANT blogs that allow comments with keywords as anchor text

  • KEYWORDS “this site uses keywordluv”
  • KEYWORDS “this site uses commentluv”


#7-Reddit 274 Million Monthly users among 330 Million total users in 2018. More than 25 million daily votes on Reddit. ( Vote is similar to the ‘like’ button on Facebook.) What do you think? Yeah, only Reddit can change your life. Reddit is super for SEO also. It helps to rank a keyword quickly.

How to sell e-commerce products freely on Reddit: In order to sell on Reddit, you need to sign up and set up your profile with your business details.  Then you need to submit your product link in the ‘submit new link’ option. Submit your product link and input your title. Now the main part. You have to choose the right ‘SubReddit’ ‘ SubReddit means category. If you can’t find your right subreddit, select ‘news’ as sub-Reddit. After that save your link. Upvote others’ links and you will get upvotes in return. Increase your activities to increase your sale.


#8-SEO SEO is a buzzword in the e-commerce industry. Only SEO can give you huge targeted organic traffic. SEO means search engine optimization. The main task of SEO is to get your products ready for search engines. When someone searches for a product in the search engines like Google, only high ranked products are shown on the first page. People are more likely to click on the products no-1-10, not more. So, if an e-commerce business personnel can bring his/her product on the first page, will get a good conversion rate.

How to do SEO for your e-commerce business:

SEO has two parts, ‘on-page’ and ‘off-page’. You have to earn a good score on both sides. Remember, ‘content is king’ For ‘on-page’ SEO of your store, cheek everything like ‘meta’, ‘ description’, ‘anchor’, ‘ product URL’, ‘ permalink’, ‘product title’, ‘ product description’, ‘H1’, ‘alt tag’ and ‘ robot txt’. For ‘off-page” SEO, do social bookmarking, link building, article submission, press release, guest posting, high PR directory submission, and link exchange. But remember, never, never, and never do spamming otherwise your link will be blocked or removed from search engines.


#9-Instagram More than 800 Million monthly active users in this mobile-based photo-sharing platform. One can easily build a strong and effective community to do his/her e-commerce business. You need to be an influencer.

How to sell e-commerce products on Instagram:

Download this app from the play store. Open an account with your details. Post attentive and catchy photos (color).  Increase your followers. Like others’ photos and follow. In return, they will also like and follow you back. The more followers you have, the more possibility to sell.


#10 Upsell or Cross-sell: Upsell/Cross-sell can increase your sales by 4%. You can use a FREE Upselling/Cross-Selling app like “ReConvert” to increase your sales.

Please, don’t give your control over others’ hands I mean don’t be frustrated hearing from looser. Recharge yourself, do whatever you can from your end. You must get sales.

(N.B: All of these methods have the option to run a paid campaign which will give you instant benefits. Here, I discuss only the free method.)