How to verify Webflow websites with Google Search Console.

Benefits: In this article, you will learn how to verify ownership of Webflow Website in Google Search Console(Webmaster). Why is it important to verify Webflow in Google? And step by step guide to verify the Search console and Webflow.

Why should you connect your Webflow website with Google Search Console?

You have to connect your Webflow website with Google Search Console for making your site searchable in Google, increasing Search Engine Visibility, gathering Organic Traffic, Online popularity, and ROI.


Google Search Console creates the opportunity to show your Webflow website how you want to show it. It will reach your website to your most targeted potential visitors or customers. It will enforce Google Bot/Crawler to crawl your website and index your website data. The total workflow happens FREE of cost.

When you finish designing or developing your Webflow website, you must follow some steps before verifying or connecting your website with Google Search Console. You have to be careful about Webflow SEO. If you don’t fix Webflow On Page SEO before submitting your Sitemap and Robot txt file into Google Search Console and if your website gets indexed, it will be tough to remove links that are indexed. It will also make a bad user experience which is really bad for you.

Webflow On Page SEO Checklist:

  • Meta Title: Write keyword-based proper title tag within 55-60 characters.
  • Meta Description: Write a catchy, SEO-friendly description of your website within 155-160 characters.
  • Image Alt Tag: Add proper keyword-based Alt Tag in your image.
  • Sitemap: Webflow generates a sitemap automatically. Make it enabled in the ‘SEO’ Tab in the Project setting.
  • Robot Txt: Webflow generates Robot txt automatically. You can add robot txt including a sitemap.
  • H1: fix your h1 on every page. Of course keyword based.
  • Open Graph: You can set an open graph image on every page.
  • Canonical: Canonical is used to avoid duplicate content in the ‘SEO’ Tab in the Project setting.

Step by step guide to verify ownership of Webflow website in Google Search Console.

Step #1: Go to Google Search console    Sign in with your Gmail account.  Select URL Prefix. Add your URL there.  https://

Click “Continue”.  A new Popup window will come with a verification option. You can see five options there by which you can verify your site. The simplest way is to select “HTML tag”. Copy the tag. You can save it on the clipboard.

Step #2: Log in to your Webflow website. Go to the project setting.


Click on the “SEO” tab. You will find the “Google site Verification” lower part of the page. Paste the code copied from the Google Search Console.

Remember you have to add only tags within “ “ right after Content.

Now click on the save button and publish your changes.

Step #3: Return in the Google Search console. In your HTML tag window, click on the Verify button.

Your site will be verified within seconds. You are done.