Facebook & Google Ads Service

We are Facebook & Google Ads Service Expert. We offer complete Facebook & Google Ads Service for your business, to improve your search engine visibility, effective Ads strategy to reduce Ads expences, increase organic traffic, make your site conversion driven & ensure ROI

What We Do

We look into your previous activity and I will make a deep ad account audit that can help me identify areas for improvement.

Extensive audience research – this is the most important and my focus area. Using advanced methods, I will research the best keywords and target your ideal customer.

We will use your best images/videos or provide alternative stock images and write outstanding copies that speak to your target audience.

Ads Setup

Campaigns setup (Prospecting + Retargeting)

Adsets according to budget

Custom Retargeting Audiences

30 mins zoom call (Optional)

Ad contents (ad copies/images/videos). You need to provide them.


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Why You Need Ads

  • Content
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Reach the right people for your product/service
  • Increase click-through rates, ad relevance scores, & ROAS
  • Find profitable interests, demographics, and behaviors
  • Save time, energy, & ad spend
  • Understand key insights into your target audience
  • Learn how to combine & refine interests

Process & Workflow

Accept Project

We accept project from the clients
with detail information like main keywords,
& targeted locations, etc.

Audit & Analysis

After accepting project,
we do audit and analysis of the
website and deliver reports to client.

Fix the budget

When clients inform us that he needs the
SEO/Digital Marketing solutions based on
audit report, we fix a budget.

Finish Work & Deliver

After taking invoice/payment,
we start working and complete everything. And finally,deliver the project to client.

Research Analysis

On Page SEO Audit

Keywords Research

Location Research

Competitors Research