Why You Are Not Getting Any Sales With Shopify E-commerce- Step You Must Follow

Benefit:-In this article you will learn what are the most important points you did not notice before starting your  Shopify ecommerce business. Why You Are Not Getting Any Sales With Shopify ecommerce business. What are the proven steps you must follow to boost your sale? After reading this article, you will be able to prepare yourself to fight in the Shopify eCommerce business world.

Shopify Conversion Checklist

  • # Introduction
  • # Shopify Page Speed Optimization
  • # SEO has a strong value in Shopify
  • # Interface or design/Design covers 80% sale in Shopify
  • # A high-quality image is like a mirror in Shopify
  • # Trust badge: is it important?
  • # Refund Policy
  • # Shipment policy/free shipping
  • # About us story
  • # Client reviews
  • # Engaging description
  • # Retargeting/FB/Twitter/Adwords/Adroll/Instagram

Today, many Shopify store owners quit themselves from Shopify eCommerce business(especially who start drop shipping business), why? Either they have no ABC knowledge in e-com business or they open a store hearing from a friend ’s story. Is it easy to pocket some penny from others? Absolutely, ‘NO”.

I notice people(Non-tech savvy or daydreamers) out of curiosity open a store, install Oberlo Apps, import products and start a campaign. Is it enough to get a sale? After some days (spending money on FB & Instagram), they join the different communities and seek help- why don’t they get any sales?  Some of them return Shopify exchange to sell their stores and often post different groups saying, “ I have no time so I want to sell my store”

But it is a competitive arena and becoming a challenging profession day by day.  You have to be strategic to earn a penny.

I notice lots of people are running after a huge traffic. But it is useless to rush for a mere traffic rather than potential traffic. You have to do something in your store to create a “buying psycho”

What is Buying Psycho? I am giving you a complete guide to make your sale double.

According to two-time NY Times best-selling author,  Jeffrey Eisenberg:

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” (Source: Oberlo)

‘Buying Psycho’ is an atmosphere or environment that creates a buying mood of a visitor who visits your store even if he visits out of a mistake. If you can create this atmosphere in your store, I guarantee your sales will be double or multiple.

What are the important factors to get a sale in your Shopify store?

 # Page Speed optimization:

Page speed (page load time) optimization is a major factor for e-commerce sites. But most of the Shopify store owners don’t give any importance in this regard. As a result, they lose hundreds of potential and most targeted customers who can buy their products. It has a direct effect on conversion. Lazy sites create the negative user experience and increase bounce (the visitors who leave your site for slow loading) rates.

According to Google, the standard load time is 03(three) seconds. So, the longer loading time is the high bounce rate. A recent research of Google shows that bounce rate increases 32% the sites which load from 1-3 seconds, 3-5 seconds bounce rate is 90% and the sites which load up to 5-10 seconds, bounce rate 123%. So, how can you hope for a sale while the maximum store’s load time is 5-7 seconds? Page Speed has great value for ranking also.

Today 80% Online buyers purchase products from mobile and Google’s research shows that the maximum landing page needs 22 seconds to load in mobile. Can you think of a sale in this situation? You only get a view not sale. So, check your site’s page speed at Google Page Speed Insight to know your site’s loading time.

After clicking “analyze” you can see your site’s score and also instructions on how to improve your score.  Improve your site’s score as much as 85-95% for both mobile and desktop, I guarantee you will get more sales.

# SEO has a strong value in Shopify:

Yes, you are listening right. SEO has strong marketing value in the e-commerce business. Think about yourself. What do you do before purchasing a product from online? Yes, you search on Google to know details of a product. Like you, most of the online buyers do similar work. SEO makes your product ready to show in search engines. Apply Proper Shopify On Page SEO tricks and tactics to rank your product and increase visibility and Effective Off Page SEO to rank your store.

 # Interface or design/Design covers 80% sale.

The design is the most important matter in the e-commerce business. 80% success depends on the Interface Design. User-friendly design gathers trust and removes uncertainty from a new customer.

# High-quality image is like a Mirror.

Research shows that high-quality images bring 94% more views than those are poor or no images. To increase sales, it is mandatory to use HIGH QUALITY images. Remember, the poor image never brings a good impression. A high quality or HD image has much convincing power to create a BUYING PSYCHO. It is said that “first sight is the ever sight”. Use such an image, after seeing this; the visitor is compelled to say“WOW”.

Always try to use your own images on the product page. Now, most of the failure store owners use the same images from Aliexpress or other suppliers which is not professional. If you have no way to get images without Aliexpress, copy the images, edit these (or hire an expert), change background (you can fix the same background for all images) and upload in your store. You have to use images from different angles. Buyers like this because they try to visualize a product before buying. It is the best idea to use a demo. The user thinks of him/her with this demo. Try to use a variant. I guarantee, he/she will buy it if he/she really seeks it.

Write a catchy alt text description for each image to get visitors from Google image which is a 100% free method to get targeted traffic?

#Trust badge

According to Oberlo, the store possesses trust and security badges ,increase 40% conversion. People always hanker after authenticity. In e-commerce, trust or security badges play a role in uniform. (Eg: if a real police officer wants to check you on the road without a uniform, what happens? You will pull his collar. But if a fake officer with a uniform wants to check you, you will stop and show him everything.)

Think of yourself as a buyer. Will you buy a product from a place which you don’t have trust in? Never. Like you, most of your visitors see your site for the first time and they will grow an uncertainty.  So, you have to make your site trustworthy and authentic.

Most of the buyers buy something from online after ensuring that they are secure here. A study shows that the sites which have the following badges get more sales than the sites have no badges.

#Refund Policy

A study shows that up to 30% orders end with a return. So, as a part of the business, you must declare your honest refund policy in your store. A concerned buyer, of course, sees the refund policy before clicking the buy button. As return is a part of every business, you must have a clear declaration of refund charge or policy, condition etc.

# Shipment policy/free shipping

Buying chance increases more than 88% at free shipping (Accent). To offer free shipping service creates a “buying psycho” among the visitors. Remember, no one likes hidden charges. Everybody wants free shipping internationally.  As a newbie in business you can’t afford to provide free shipping service but here, you can mention some conditions for free shipping like price based and weight based.  In price based just mention that you can only give free shipping at $300.  And for weight based, fix the minimum digit of orders. Or you can raise your product’s price which includes your shipment cost.

#About us story in Shopify store

Write a detailed story in your “about us page”. It’s human nature to build trust by hearing the true story.  Showing real people in the store creates authenticity. Mention whether you are an entrepreneur or family-owned businessman. Mention your physical location with Google Maps and this creates trust in your store. You have to mention your team photo and reasons why they should buy from you.

#Client reviews in Shopify

Display customer reviews in your store. This is the most important and indirect way to drive potential customers. Really, reviews are essential for branding and marketing. Remember, 70% of people read reviews just before they buy a product from online. Reviews act as a recommendation and most of the people like to believe other’s recommendations.

If you can manage your consumer’s photo and use it beside the name that will be more effective to draw new consumer’s attention.  They will be more confident to buy your product.

#Engaging  Product description in Shopify:

This is the main part of a store. The first and foremost duty of a store owner is to write highly engaging product descriptions. Try to write more on benefits rather on features. The most convincing way to write a description is to write with emotional language. Emotion has the power to create a “buying psycho”. Try to write in a descriptive manner. A catchy description really drives sales.

#Retargeting/FB/Twitter/Adwords/Adroll/Instagram Ads:

This is the final and one of the most important parts to get sales. By this process, you can reach those people who have shown their interest in your site already. A study shows that only 2% of people buy from online at their first visit. Then what happens to the 98% visitors? Yes, you have to run a campaign to get in touch with these 98% people. Your campaign will create an opportunity to get sales from your most targeted traffic.

A planned and tricky campaign can triple your sales. How? Yes, I’m going to disclose a trick here.

Suppose, a visitor sees a “phone casing” but he does not make a purchase. Then send him a catchy ads offering him “discount’ or ‘free shipping” on eye-catching ‘earphone’

I guarantee you will get sales.